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​Linguistic Diversity in Singapore: Legacy, status, and prospects

Published on: 18-Jan-2019


 Linguistic Diversity in Singapore: Legacy, status, and prospects


 18 Jan 2019 (Fri) and 19 Jan 2019 (Sat)

18 Jan 2019 - 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

19 Jan 2019 – 9:30 AM – 1:15 PM


 HSS Conference Room, HSS-05-57

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Event write-upThis symposium brings together contributors to the planned Routledge volume, Multilingual Diversity in Contemporary Singapore. Presenters will offer updates and discuss empirical findings on various linguistic communities of Singapore. Discussions will focus around contributions and challenges of Language Policy to the status, relevance, and future of linguistic diversity in Singapore. Invited speakers, Prof. Li Wei and Prof Francis Hult, will facilitate discussions and offer critical insights related to presented findings.

Speaker /s

Name and designation of speakers

  • Prof. Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
  • Prof. Lionel Wee
  • Prof. Kingsley Bolton
  • Asst Prof. Werner Botha
  • Assoc Prof. Seetha Lakshmi
  • Dr. Anitha Devi Pillai
  • Dr. Ritu Jain
  • Prof.  Francis Hult
  • Assoc Prof. Bee Chin Ng
  • Asst Prof. Ruanni Tupas
  • Assoc Prof. Mukhlis Bin Abu Bakar
  • Assoc Prof. Geoffrey Benjamin
  • Prof. Li Wei


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