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​Assoc Prof Lin Jingxia (Chinese) published her new book "Encoding Motion Events in Mandarin Chinese: A cognitive functional study"

Published on: 03-Apr-2019

Associate Professor Lin Jingxia published a new book titled Encoding Motion Events in Mandarin Chinese: A cognitive functional study.

This book is a corpus-based description and discussion of how Modern Mandarin Chinese encodes motion events, with a focus on how the distribution of verbal motion morphemes is closely associated with the meanings they lexicalize. The book is not only the first work that proposes a finer-grained classification and diagnostics of Chinese motion morphemes from the perspective of scale structure, but also the first to more comprehensively account for the ordering of Chinese motion morphemes. The findings of this study will not only enrich the literature on motion events, but more importantly, further our understanding of the nature of motion events and the way motion events are conceived and represented in the Chinese language.

The book was published by John Benjamins, a Tier 1 publisher in language and linguistics.


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