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​English | Barrie Sherwood’s collection of short stories published

Published on: 14-Aug-2019

​Assistant Professor Barrie Sherwood published his new collection of short stories titled The Angel Tiger and Other Stories.

About the book: 

Hope, betrayal, childish wonder and the yearnings of the human heart fill the pages of Barrie Sherwood’s debut collection of stories.

With disarming simplicity, Sherwood charts how the complex bonds between lovers are unravelled to the point of breaking, and how the great narratives that will come to define the 21st Century exert their forces upon the individual in myriad and often insidious ways.

These 12 eloquent and wise microcosms from across the globe—12 anomalies in the humdrum weave of the every day—have been curated by a writer of rare sensibility to form a collection for our time, a gallery of curiosities that reveals the often strange and touching ways we define ourselves and our relationships in a fluctuating world.

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