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I Lo-fen (Associate Professor)


I, Lo Fen


Associate Professor(with tenure)








14 Nanyang Drive, HSS 03-03, NTU.
Singapore 637332


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Ph.D., 1995 Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan ​
M.A., 1990 Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
B.A., 1987 Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Summary of Working/
Research Experience

2006 - present
Associate Professor (with tenure), Division of Chinese, NTU
Invited Research Fellows, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture, NTU

2014 - 2016
Head, Division of Chinese, NTU

2001 - 2006
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

1996 - 2001
Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Overseas Invited
Visiting Positions

Stanford University, USA (April-June, 2018)
Beijing University, China (2014)
Institute of Oriental Culture, Tokyo University, Japan (Nov.- Dec. 2013)
The East Asian Institute, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea (May 2013 - Jan. 2014)
National Nara Women’s University, Japan (2010)
Nanjing University, China (2010)
Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, Japan (2004)
The East Asian Institute, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea (September 2002-August 2003)
Institute of Oriental Culture, Tokyo University, Japan (2001)

Research Interests

Chinese Poetry and Visual Art
Chinese Literary Works on Paintings
Su Shi Studies
Interchange of East-Asian Culture and Literature in Classical Chinese
Asian Visual Culture and Esthetics

Research Awards

Singapore National Art Council Publication, 2015
Excellent Book of National Museum of Taiwan Literature, 2015
Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators, Taiwan, 2004.
Award of Wu Da-You Foundation, National Science Council, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2004.
Excellent Academic Work Award of Sichuan Provincial Government, China, 2003.
Award of Research, National Science Council, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (1996-1999).

Courses Offered

​Undergraduate Courses

  • HC2004 Literature of Yuan, Ming and Qing 
  • HC2010 Classical Chinese Fiction 
  • HC2011 Tang Poetry 
  • HC3011 Studies of Selected Poets 
  • HC4015 Special Topics in Classical Chinese Literature (in Mandarin) 
  • HC4019 Chinese Literary Canon and Images of Art

Graduate Courses

  • HC7012 Research and Methodology
  • HC7015 Study of Text and Image and East Cultural Interaction​



  • 9 Single author academic books
  • 2 Co-authored academic monographs
  • 1 Single edited academic book
  • 2 Co-edited academic book
  • 1 Edited creative literary book
  • 14 Single author creative literary books
  • 103 Articles in academic journals
  • 31 Book chapters
  • 106 International conference papers (-August 2018)

Academic Books

  1. I Lo-fen, The Art of Su Shi's Calligraphy. Shanghai, Shanghai Classics Publishing House, 2018.

  2. I Lo-fen, Cui Feng eds., Han Suyin Centennial Memorial Collection. Singapore, Global Publishing, 2017.

  3. I Lo-fen, Gorgeous Nanyang: Arts, Advertisements, Crossover Singapore. Singapore, Global Publishing, 2016 (Selected One of the Best Books by Lainhe Zaobao, 2016)

  4. I Lo-fen ed., Learning and Reflection: Sinologists Interview. Singapore, Global Publishing, 2015

  5. I Lo-fen, Of Cloud Shadows and Celestial Light: Poems and Paintings of the Landscape of Xiao Xiang. Taipei, Li Ren Publishing Co., 2013

  6. I Lo-fen, Exploration of Art. Shanghai, East China Normal University Press, 2012

  7. I Lo-fen, Intextuality and Citationality in Chinese Literature and Art. Taipei, Li Ren Publishing Co., 2011 (Selected One of the Best Ten Books of literature and Image Studies in the World by Nanjing University)

  8. I Lo-fen, The Poetry, Paintings and Calligraphy of Zhen Bangqiao. Taipei, Hua Mu Lan Publishing Co., 2009

  9. I Lo-fen, Observation, Description, Appreciation: Studies of Tang-Song Writings on Painting. Taipei, Academia Sinica, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, 2004

  10. I Lo-fen, Wandering under the Red Cliffs and Elegant Gathering in the Western Garden: Studies on Su Shi. Beijing, Xian Zhuang Publishers, 2001

  11. I Lo-fen, Ceng Zaozhuang, A History of Su Shi Studies. Nanjing, Jiangsu Jiaoyu Publishing, 2001 (Excellent Academic Work Award of Sichuan Provincial Government, 2003)

  12. I Lo-fen and Liu Yuan-Ju eds., Historical Transitions and Creativity: Literature and Art in the Han-Tang and Tang-Song Transitions. Taipei, Academia Sinica, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy Preparatory Office, 2000

  13. I Lo-fen, Su Shi’s Literary Works on Paintings. Taipei, Wenjin Publishing Co., 1999

Selected Refereed Papers (anonymous peer-reviewed journals and book chapters)

  1. I Lo-fen, “The East Asian Cultural Image: A Study on Eight Views of Xiao Xiang”, In Qian Nanxiu, Richard J. Smith, Zhang Bowei eds, Rethinking the Sinosphere: Ideology, Morality, Aesthetics and Identity Formation, New York, Cambria Press, 2018(forthcoming)

  2. I Lo-fen, "Text and Image Studies: The New Methodology of Academic Research", Contemporary Literary Criticism, 2018(4), pp. 118-124.

  3. I Lo-fen, "Text and Image Studies: The New Vision of East Asian Classics Studies", Daedong Munhwa Yeongu, 102, pp.9-40, June 2018. (in Korean)

  4. I Lo-fen, "A Study of Su Shi's Calligraphy Scroll Containing 'Rhapsody on Dongting Spring Colors Wine' and 'Rhapsody on Pine Wine of Zhongshan'”, Song Dynasty Literature and Culture (Duke University Press), Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 279-305, November 2017. (Translated by Ronald Egan)

  5. I Lo-fen, Zhu Xi’s “Wuyi Boating Song” and a Comparison of Rhyme-Matching Poems by Korean and Chinese Literati, Yon Min Hak Chi, 28, pp. 345-363, August 2017. (in Korean)

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