Faculty and Staff


Qu Jingyi (Associate Professor)


QU Jingyi




Nanyang Technological University
School of Humanities
48 Nanyang Avenue, HSS-03-08
Singapore 639818​

Tel / Fax

(65) 6592 2564 / (65) 6795 6525


Ph.D., Peking University (joint with University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Interests

Traditional Chinese Literature and History with focus on the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties and Tang periods; ​
Chinese Literary Historiography in the West;
Cultural Heritage of Chinese Education in Singapore

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Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses

  • HC2001 Literature of Pre-Qin, Han, Wei and Jin
  • HC2003 Literature of Tang and Song
  • HC2011 Tang Poetry
  • HC2010 Classical Chinese Fiction
  • HC3016 Readings of Classical Chinese Prose

Graduate Courses

  • HC7102 Shi ji and Early Chinese Historiography: Critical Reading and Cross-disciplinary Perspectives
  • HC7888 Directed Readings


Chair of Undergraduate Programme and Curriculum of Chinese
Member, Management Committee of Chinese
Member, International Advisory Committee of Chinese Heritage Centre