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Uganda Kwan Sze Pui (Associate Professor)



Uganda Sze Pui KWAN 關詩珮




Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) Building
48 Nanyang Avenue, SHHK-03-13​​
Singapore 639818​

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(65) 6513 7996 / (65) 6794 6303

Research Interests

Translation studies (Translation history in the 19th centuries sinophone communities, gender issues in translation studies, adaptation of Japanese literature in modern and contemporary Chinese and Hong Kong literature, translation and movies)
Late Imperial to Modern Chinese Literature
British Sinology


2015 onwards

2014 onwards

2013 onwards

Member, Academic Board of Master of Translating Interpreting programme, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU
Coordinator, Research Cluster of Literary and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU
Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, Chinese Heritage Center, NTU

Academic Appointments, Editorial Boards members

2020 onwards

Jan- Jun 2018



Fall 2014



Jan.01- Mar.31.2009

Editorial Board Member, Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies
(Duke University Press, 2020 onwards)
Visiting Fellow, Needham Research Institute (NRI),
Cambridge University (on scholarship/ Grant)
Visiting Appointment, Department of East Asian Studies,
Princeton University (with honorarium)
Honorary Research Fellow, Editorial Board Member, Institute for Sinology and Research Center for Translation studies,
Beijing Language and Culture University.
Visiting Scholar, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies,
Harvard University (On Sabbatical leave)
Ph.D supervisor, Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies,
University College London (with remuneration)
Honorary Research Associate Research Center for Translation (RCT),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Associate Editor (2009-2015),
Editorial Board Member (2015-2019)
Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Language and Information Sciences
The University of Tokyo, Japan (with remuneration)

Awards, Grants, Scholarships



2015 & ​





Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature
Literary Criticism Hong Kong SAR Government
Needham Research Institute, Cambridge University
California Rare Book School at UCLA (Scholarship), UCLA
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
(SHARP; Conference and Research Grant)
Center for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, NTU
Project in 2015: Knowledge Circulation in Asia and European chinoiserie
Project in 2011: British Colonial Rule and Translations: The Chinese Experts and Interpreters in the Straits Settlements
Tier-1 competitive grant from Ministry of Education, Singapore
Governing the Straits Settlements through interpreter:
Translation, Technology, Intertextuality
Lord Wilson Heritage Trust (Research Grant)
Project – “Bridging the Language Gap: Translation and Interpretation Activities in the Early Hong Kong Government (1842-1860)
The Sir Lindsay and Lady Ride Memorial Fund, Royal Asiatic Society of Hong Kong
Project “Colonial Rule and Translation: Hong Kong and the Straits Settlements (1842-1889)
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship


(The author has single-authored 75 journal articles and 4 monographs.
Selected works listed below)


  1. (Co-edited). Translation and Global Asia: Relocating Cultural Production Network, (Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2014.) ISBN 978-9-62-996608-9, 324 pp.

  2. Interpreters as Scholars (Hong Kong: Oxford University Press (OUP), 2017), 404pp. ISBN 978-0-19-048639-6 《譯者與學者:香港與大英帝國中文知識建構》 Book Prize 15th Hong Kong Biennial Awards conferred by Hong Kong SAR Government

  3. Transformation of the Idea of the novel and the Translingual lexicon “Xiaoshuo” in Late Imperial China Lexicon 《晚清中國小說觀念譯轉:翻譯語「小說」生成及實踐》(Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2019) ISBN 978-962-07-4585-0, 346 pp.

  4. Globalising Hong Kong Literature: Translation, Media Circulation, Textual Manipulation (Hong Kong Joint Publishing Co. 2018), 448pp. ISBN 9789620443961; retracted; (Taiwan Linking Press, 2019) 《全球香港文學:翻譯、出版傳播及文本操控》

  5. Selected Journal Papers & Book Chapters

  6. “Transferring Sinosphere Knowledge to the Public: James Summers (1828-91) as Printer, Editor and Cataloguer,” Journal of East Asian Publishing and Society (EAPS), Chief Editor: Peter Kornicki, Emeritus professor of Japanese studies at Cambridge University (8.1) 2018, pp.56-84.

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  10. “Transnational Mobility, Translation, and Transference: The Cultural Identities of British Interpreters in Two Colonial Asian Cities (1840–1880)” in Uganda Sze-pui, Lawrence Wang-chi Wang. co-ed. Translation and Global Asia: Relocating Networks of Cultural Production. (Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2014), pp.265-300.

  11. “Rejuvenating China: The Translation of Sir Henry Rider Haggard’s Juvenile Literature by Lin Shu in Late Imperial China”, Translation Studies, 6:1 (2013), pp. 33-47.
    A&HC Indexed-journal

  12. “A Requisite of Such Vital Importance: ‘The Want of Chinese interpreters in the First Anglo Chinese War 1839-1842,’” in Lawrence Wang Chi Wong (ed.) Towards a History of Translating In Celebration of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Research Centre for Translation. (Hong Kong: Research Center for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2013), pp. 389-417.

  13. Chinese

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  16. “The Politics of Translation and the Production of Sinology: Sir Thomas Francis Wade and the Student Interpreter Programme,1843-1870, Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History 中央研究院近史所集刊, Academia Sinica 81 (2013), pp. 1-52.

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  18. Reprinted as the best journal paper in an academic digest of Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) “The British Interpreter and Resolving Conflict in the First Opium War,” Chinese Social Science Digest 中國社會科學文摘, 107 (2012), pp. 72-73.

  19. Japanese

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[Keynote Speech]
Needham Research Institute, Cambridge University
2020 International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Teaching, Taiwan
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan

[Public Lecture]
Invisibilities of the Engravers: Print and portraitures of Robert Morrison
School of Advanced Studies, University of London

[Invited Talk]
Can we still rewrite Chinese Translation History and how? :
The newly found Chinese translation of Euclid

[Invited Talk]
From Print to Spin: The Portraitures and Prints of Robert Morrison
Fudan University, Shanghai

[Invited Talk]
“Text, Collection and Digital Archive:
Translating Euclid’s Element into China in the 19th century
SPHERE, Université Paris Diderot, Paris

[Invited Talk]
“Translating Zer0 into China: Edward T. R. Moncrieff,
Writing Materialities and Printing Mathematics in early 19th Century”
Needham Research Institute,
Cambridge University

[Invited Talk]
“Transferring the Sinosphere Knowledge: James Summers as Printer, Editor and Cataloguer”
Needham Research Institute,
Cambridge University

[Invited Talk]
“Scandalised Translators in the First Opium War,”
School of Arts, Nankai University, China

[Public Lecture]
“Karl Gützlaff , the scandal-ridden translator in the Opium War,”
the Confucius Institute, National Singapore Library

[Invited Talk]
The Tongue-rolling Interpreter: Sherlock Holmes in China
Temasek Junior College, Confucius Institute Singapore

[Invited Talk]
“Visualizing the Invisible: The Scandalous Interpreter in the First Opium War, 1839- 1842”
East Asian Department,
Princeton University

[Invited Talk]
“Whose voice is this? Translating Gender in Sinophone Literature,”
The Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication,
Princeton University

[Invited Talk]
“Politics of self-translation: Authorial representation, Cultural identity,
and Global Hong Kong Literature” East Asian Department,
Princeton University

[Public Lecture] : overseas invited speaker
“The Chinese Translation of The World of Suzie Wong and the Politics of Disappearance”
The 12th Hong Kong Literature Festival (2016),
the Central Hong Kong Public Libraries;
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSAR)

[Keynote Speech]
“The Imitation Gain: Translation and Technologies of Chinese Language,”
The 20th International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Teaching
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

[Invited Talk]
“The Archive Fever: Sinology and the recent Sinologism,”
Korean Association of Chinese Languages and Literature; Research Cluster of Chinese Repository,
Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea

[Invited Talk]
“Technologies of Chinese Language: Thomas Wade,
Interpreter Training, and the Politics of Romanization”
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

[Plenary Speech]
“Diplomatic Deception and Mistranslation of the Treaty of Nanking:
Sir George Thomas Staunton and Institutionalization of Chinese Studies in London,”
The Graduate Program in (Chinese English) Translation and Interpretation (GPTI)
Taiwan Association of Translation and Interpretation, Taiwan

[Invited Talk]
The ‘Afterlife’ of British Interpreters:
The Professorships of Chinese in the 19th century British Empire,
Department of Foreign Language studies of the National Taiwan University, Taiwan

[Public Lecture]
Transnational Mobility, Translation and Transference: The Cultural Identity of British Interpreters, organized by the Department of Chinese Literature of the National Taiwan University.
Talk funded by the ‘Towards Excellent University Program”
of the College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University.
Broadcast link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wNQsVG1iQ8

[Public Lecture] overseas invited speaker
Passion and Sensation:
Literary Translation and the Dissemination of Japanese literature in the 1980’s Hong Kong –
Seichō Matsumoto and Haruki Murakami”
the 9th The Hong Kong Literature Festival (2012)
the Central Hong Kong Public Libraries,
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSAR)

[Invited Talk]
Sir Henry Rider Haggard’s Boy Literature and the Juvenile Literature of Lin Shu in late Qing China,”
the Print and Literary Research Cluster, National University of Singapore (NUS).

[Invited Talk]
Lu Xun and the idea of Modern Chinese Fiction”;
Association of Modern Chinese Literature of Tokyo, the University of Tokyo,