Graduation Project

HC4099 Graduation Project (FYP) offers student a unique chance to engage in an independent research activity monitored closely by a supervisor. Students are expected to carry out a single research activity of two semesters’ duration. It is the student who bears the primary intellectual responsibility for the project, while the supervisor offers advice and guidance.

To be eligible for FYP, you must accumulate at least 96 AUs at the point for FYP registration.

For students who admitted into NTU from AY13-14 onwards, FYP is compulsory for those with CGPA of 3.90 and above at the end of their Year 3 of studies. Those within the holding band of 3.75 to 3.89 will be allowed to opt-in to do FYP and for those below the required CGPA will not be allowed to complete FYP.

Students who did not meet the minimum required CGPA to do the FYP and students who are eligible but chose not to do FYP (holding band) must read an additional of two 4000-level courses instead to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement. In short, students who did not do FYP must complete a total of SIX(6) 4000 level courses.​

To obtain a Highest Distinction or Distinction honours degree, students must read and complete their graduation projects.

If you did not do the FYP, the highest honours classification of the Bachelor degree that you can attain is Honours (Merit).​

Details on the procedures to do FYP will be announced to you in due time. Please check your NTU email regularly for any updates. ​

For FYP general guidelines/forms, please click into the below links.​

  1. FYP Paper Format

    • Please consult your supervisor for the FYP format.​

  2. FYP Ethics Review Procedure

  3. FYP Hard Copy & Soft Copy Submission to Undergraduate Office (Chinese)​​

    • FYP submission deadline for both early and normal submission batch will be on the monday of teaching week 9, 12pm or the following working day if it falls on a public holiday.

    • **Students need to upload a SOFTCOPY of their FYP report to both NTULearn and NTU’s Digital Repository - (DR-NTU) at http://repository.ntu.edu.sg/ before ​submitting the hard copies. More details can be found below under useful links.

    • Please print out the page OR flash the screenshot that shows the soft copy has been uploaded when submitting the hard copies. Please ensure that the page/screenshot clearly shows your Project Title in both Chinese and English. Otherwise, the Undergraduate Office will not accept the hard copies.

    • Students are required to submit TWO ring-bound hard copies of your FYP ​by 12 noon on the scheduled date to the reception counter @ HSS level 1 Undergraduate Office HSS-01-02. The two sets of thesis should include an anonymous set (without your name, matric number and acknowledgement) and a standard set.

    • Penalty for late submission:

      • Late submission can be accepted within one week with deduction of 2 marks per day;

      • Late submission without a legitimate reason will not be accepted after one week;

      • Penalty will be imposed for late submission if the reason and supporting documents given are deemed “not legitimate” after reviewed by FYP coordinators;

      • The penalty for special cases of late submission will be reviewed by FYP coordinators, thereafter reported to the HOD and approved by the HOD.

  4. Lotus on Water FYP award. Please click here for more information

  5. Useful Links:

  6. DR-NTU

    DR-NTU is an online digital archive that stores and provides access to academic and research publications of staff and students of NTU. Students' work will be stored in the restricted portion of the Repository where access is given to only NTU staff and students. Please strictly follow the guideline for submission of your FYP report to DR-NTU system.

    DR-NTU Submission Guideline