Second Major in Chinese


Students have the option to read Chinese as a Second Major provided they obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.0 in their first year at university.

Curriculum requirements

  • The contents of the curriculum for Chinese as a second major here​.

  • In fulfilling the AU requirements for the second major, the following may be applied: (i) Students may be waived from equivalent courses offered in the students' first Major, and the AUs counted, subject to the approval of the Subject Areas concerned.

  • (ii) Students have the option to take a Graduation Thesis in the second Major, in lieu of one course (4 AUs), provided the Thesis is undertaken as an interdisciplinary project in conjunction with that required in the students' first Major.

Award of Double Major

Students will graduate with a BA degree in their first major. The second major will not be reflected in the degree scroll itself but it will be shown on the final transcript.​​​​​​​​