Faculty and Staff




Wang Wanzheng, Michelle (Dr)
Email: michelle.wang@ntu.edu.sg


W. Michelle Wang received her PhD from The Ohio State University. As a  recipient of NTU's HASS International Postdoctoral Scholarship, she is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, UK. 

Her major field is in post-1945 British and American fiction, though her scholarly interests also extend to East Asian popular culture, specifically televisual narratives. She specialises in areas of narrative theory and aesthetic theory, and has published articles in the Review of Contemporary Fiction and the Journal of Narrative Theory. ​





​Lee Wei Ling, Cheryl Julia


Cheryl received her Master in Philosophy in Irish Writing from the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She is a recipient of the HASS International PhD Scholarship and is currently pursuing her PhD at Durham University, UK. 

Her research interests lie in contemporary literature, aesthetic theory, and philosophy of the mind.