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Hyung-Wook Park (Associate Professor)


Telephone: 6592 3565
Email: hwpark@ntu.edu.sg

Mailing Address
Nanyang Technological University
School of Humanities
48 Nanyang Avenue, HSS-05-14
Singapore 639818


Hyung Wook Park specialises in the history of biomedicine and biomedical sciences in US, UK, and South Korea.

Hyung Wook Park studied the history of science, technology, and medicine at the University of Minnesota (USA), and taught at Durham University (UK) and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (Korea). He is primarily interested in how biomedical knowledge and practice were shaped and transformed in twentieth century society. In particular, he has focused on the formation and evolution of biogerontological knowledge during the first half of the twentieth century. Park also studies the history of the body, science fiction, and popular science, and enjoys bicycling and swimming during weekends and holidays.

Future plans

Hyung Wook Park is currently studying the history and epistemology of ‘failure’ in biomedicine, especially the problems of managing biomedical bodies. All interested PhD students welcome!


Selected Publications

  • ‘Constructing Failure: Leonard Hayflick, Biomedicine, and the Problems with Tissue Culture,’ Annals of Science DOI: 10.1080/00033790.2015.1057764

  • ‘Biological Aging and Social Characteristics: Gerontology, the Baltimore City Hospitals, and the National Institutes of Health,’ Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Vol. 68 (2013), pp.49-86.

  • 'Longevity, Aging, and Caloric Restriction: Clive Maine McCay and the Construction of a Multidisciplinary Research Program,’ Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, Vol. 40 (2010), pp.79-124.