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Zhou Taomo (Assistant Professor)


Telephone: 6592 2535
Email: tmzhou@ntu.edu.sg

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Nanyang Technological University
School of Humanities
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Taomo Zhou is an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She specializes in modern Chinese and Southeast Asian history. In particular, her teaching and research interests focus on the nexus of geopolitics and migration in the twentieth-century. Taomo received her B.A. from Peking University and Waseda University, M. Sc. with Distinction from the London School of Economics and Ph.D. in History from Cornell University. Her writings have appeared in publications such as The China Quarterly, the journal Indonesia, and The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China.  Taomo's forthcoming book, Migration in the Time of Revolution: China, Indonesia and the Cold War (Cornell University Press, 2019) argues that migration and the political activism of the overseas Chinese were important historical forces in the making of the governmental relations between China and Indonesia during the Cold War. Grounded in multilingual archival research as well as oral history interviews with refugees, retired diplomats, former political prisoners and communist exiles, this project demonstrates how state-to-state diplomacy was influenced or even limited by transnational ethnic ties and the daily social and political practices of a minority group. This project also changes how we understand the regime change and mass violence in Indonesia in 1965-66.

Future Plans
Having grown up in a migrant family in Shenzhen, the first special economic zone of China, Taomo is starting a second project on the historical transformation of this modern metropolis. Taomo is keen to hear from students interested in pursuing PhD research on topics related to the Cold War, Chinese diaspora, and economic history. You can learn more about my research projects and the classes I teach here.


Selected Publications

“Chinese Foreign Policy: Southeast Asia,” co-authored with Hong Liu, in Weiping Wu and Mark W. Frazier eds., The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China (Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2018), 610-629. 

“Ambivalent Alliance: Chinese Policy towards Indonesia, 1960-1965,” The China Quarterly 221 (March 2015), pp. 208-228.

“China and the Thirtieth of September Movement,” Indonesia 98 (October 2014), pp. 29-58.

“Huaqiao wenti de zhengzhi xuanwo: jiexi 1959-1962 nian Zhongguo dui Yindunixiya zhengce” [The turbulences caused by the overseas Chinese issue: An analysis of Chinese policy towards Indonesia, 1959-1962], Lengzhan guojishi yanjiu [Cold War International Studies] 9 (Summer 2010), pp. 155-174.