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Hiroko Tanaka
Visiting Associate Professor
Office: HSS-03-47
Tel: 6592 3712
Email: hminamikata@ntu.edu.sg

Teaching in Semester 2, AY2017/18
HG4030 Conversation Analysis​

Hilary Chappell.jpg

Hilary Chappell
Visiting Professor
Office: HSS-03-50
Tel: 6790 4329
Email: hchappell@ntu.edu.sg

Teaching in Semester 1, AY2017
HG4048 Comparative Chinese Dialectology

Anne Pauwels.JPG
Anne Pauwels
VIsiting Professor
Office: HSS-03-54
Tel: 6790 5302
Email: apauwels@ntu.edu.sg

Teaching in Semester 1, AY2017
HG4021 Language Shift and Maintenance

Denis Burnham
Visiting Professor
Office: HSS-03-47
Tel: 6592 3712
Email: dburnham@ntu.edu.sg

PhD (The perception of moving objects by infants and the development of the object concept), Monash University 
BA (Hons) in Psychology, University of New England

Research Interests:
Speech Perception and Literacy, Special Speech Registers, Auditory Visual Speech Perception, Lexical Tone Perception, Speech Corpus Studies, Human Machine Interaction 

Teaching in Semester 1, AY2016
HG3017 Advanced study of Languge and Literacy in Infancy.

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