Cross Listing of Courses

​A. Courses to Count Toward a Major/SECOND Major/Minor in LMS  

The Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (LMS) has synergies with various other disciplines within the university. Many of the courses offered by other divisions and schools are not only relevant to the study of Linguistics, but also provide breadth from a different perspective to the students of Linguistics. This will not only encourage LMS majors to step outside of Linguistics and expand their disciplinary boundaries, but also encourage non-LMS students to be able to see how LMS can feed into their own majors. This liberalization of disciplinary borders will enhance and foster interdisciplinary learning and collaboration within the university.

The guidelines for cross-listing of the courses are stipulated below:  

(1) LMS majors and 2nd majors to be able to use a maximum of 3 courses from the list below to count towards their Major/2nd Major requirements.


(2) LMS Minor students can use a maximum of 2 courses from the list below to count towards a Minor in LMS.


(3) Students are allowed to only use 1 CML (Centre for Modern Languages) course to be cross-listed.


(4) Students will still need to fulfill the core courses requirement for both the Major/2nd Major and the Minor.


(5) No double-counting is allowed, and students will still need to fulfill the total number of AUs as required by their programme of study. 


(6) Prerequisites for courses remain, subject to waiver on a case by case basis, after advice by academic counselors or course coordinators.


(7) This is to apply retrospectively to LMS students admitted to NTU in 2015 and after.


The following are the courses which students can choose from to count toward the fulfilment of the LMS Major/2nd Major/Minor.

        ​Course Code and Title ​Division/Programme/Centre
        ​HC2050 Chinese Lexicology ​Chinese Programme
        ​HC2053 Varieties of Chinese ​Chinese Programme
        ​HC3050 Sound and Prosody of Chinese ​Chinese Programme
        ​HC3052 Chinese Language and Grammatical Theories ​Chinese Programme
        ​HC4050 Chinese Semantics ​Chinese Programme

        ​HC4051 Text, Rhetoric and Style or

        HC4052 Special Topics in Chinese Linguistics

        ​Chinese Programme
        ​HP2600 Cognitive Psychology ​Psychology Programme
        ​​​HS2012 Sociology of Language ​Sociology Programme

        ​Foreign language option:

        Any level 3 and above foreign language courses (open only to students taking these languages as a third language)

        Centre for Modern Languages