Current Courses

Semester 2, AY2019

Course Code
​​Course Title
1 HG0201​ Singapore's Langua​ges​​​​ Tan Ying Ying
2 HG2003 Phonetics and Phonology Scott Moisik
3 HG2010 Bilingualism and Multilingualism Ng Bee Chin
4 HG2024 X-rated Linguistics: Language, Sexuality and Desire Ivan Panović
5 HG2030 Reading Development and Disorders Lau Fun
6​ ​HG2031 ​History of English Luke Lu
7 HG2052
Language, Technology and the Internet Francis Bond
8 ​HG2093 Discovering Unwritten Stories: A General Introduction to Toponymy and Toponomastics Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
​9 ​HG2094 Word of Mouth: Transmission of Oral Culture Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
​10 ​HG2096 What's in a text? - Analyzing Written Discourse
​Luke Lu
​11 ​HG2099 Languages of the World ​Alexander Coupe
12 HG3015 Psycholinguistics Alice Chan
13 HG3023 Anthropological Linguistics Alexander Coupe
​14 ​HG3043 Malay Linguistics 1 - History and Structure ​Geoffrey Benjamin
​15 ​HG3046 Language Universals and Language Types​ ​Lee Junwen
16 HG3051 Corpus Linguistics
Francis Bond
17 HG4021 Language Shift and Maintenance Francesco Cavallaro
18 HG4033 Advanced Conversation Analysis Lim Ni Eng
​19 ​HG4042 How and Why Languages Differ Randy LaPolla
​20 ​HG4047 Pragmatic Theory Randy LaPolla
21 ​HG4049 Semantic Analysis ​Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
​22 ​HG4062 Language, Culture and Society in Southeast Asia ​Geoffrey Benjamin
​23 ​HG4071 ​​The Meat of Speech: The Anatomy and Physiology of Speaking and Hearing Scott Moisik
​24 ​HG8002 Story of English ​Luke Lu
 ​ ​​​​​

Semester 1, AY2019​

Course Code
​​Course Title
1 HG1001​ Mind and Meaning​​ Alice Chan
2 HG2001 Morphology and Syntax Alexander Coupe
3 HG2002 Semantics and Pragmatics Francis Bond
4 HG2020 Language in Society Ivan Panović
5 HG2034 Structure of Modern English Tan Ying Ying
6​ ​HG2014 ​Second Language Acquisition ​Luca Onnis
7 HG2021
Intercultural Communication Stefanie Stadler
8 ​HG2023 Language and Gender Anne Pauwels
​9 ​HG2032 Globalisation and World Englishes Kingsley Bolton
​10 ​HG2033 Introduction to Conversation Analysis​
​Lim Ni Eng
​11 ​HG2051 Language and the Computer ​Francis Bond
12 HG2095 Codes from the Past: A General Introduction to the History of Cryptography Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
13 HG2097 What's in a Name? - A General Introduction to Etymology Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
​14 ​HG3005 Research Methods in Linguistics II - Statistical Analysis ​Francis Wong
​15 ​HG3017 Advanced Study of Language and Literacy in Infancy​ ​Luca Onnis
16 HG3022 Sociolinguistics of a Region
Francesco Cavallaro
17 HG3024 A Wor(l)d in Motion: The Sociolinguistics of Globalization Ivan Panović
18 HG3025 Language Variation Werner Botha
​19 ​HG4011 Language and the Brain Francis Wong
​20 ​HG4022 Forensic Linguistics ​Stefanie Stadler
​21 ​HG4041 Theories of Grammar Randy LaPolla
​22 ​HG4047 Pragmatic Theory Randy LaPolla
23 ​HG4049 Semantic Analysis ​Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
​24 ​HG4063 Advanced World Englishes ​Kingsley Bolton
​25 ​HG4070 ​​Experimental Phonetics Scott Moisik
​26 ​HG8001 Language Puzzle: The Study of Human Language ​Ng Bee Chin
​27 ​HG8005 ​Global Languages, Local Culture​ ​Werner Botha
 ​ ​​​​​