Graduation Project (FYP)

The objective of HG4099 Graduation Project (8 AUs) is to provide students with the opportunity to do independent research work under the guidance of a supervisor. They are expected to read widely to develop an in depth understanding of a topic, and then identify research objectives, isolate new research questions, collect and analyse information or data and write up their findings as a research report. The graduation project integrates linguistics knowledge and analytical skills which the students have acquired throughout their degree programme. 


  • Students should be of Year 4 standing before they can start on the FYP.
  • It is compulsory for students with GPA of 3.90 and above to complete FYP.
  • Those within the holding band of 3.75 to 3.89  can opt-in to do FYP with the approval from the Division.
  • Those with GPAs below 3.75 are NOT allowed to do FYP.
Students who do not have the required GPA to do the FYP must read two 4000-level courses instead to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement.
To obtain a highest distinction or distinction honours degree, students must read and complete their graduation projects.
If you do not do the FYP, then the highest honours classification of the Bachelor degree that you can attain is Honours (Merit).
Below is a list of interesting projects that our students are working on.
  • Language Use in Tanjong Pinang
  • Patterns of Code Switching in a Singaporean Chinese Community
  • A Sketch of Grammar of Lotha
  • A Survey of Singapore English
  • Difference in Diyadic, Triadic, and Polyadic Online Conversations
  • Male/Female Servers: Gender Differences When Talking To Customers
  • A Contrastive Analysis of Possession in Chinese and English
  • Does the Degree of Bilingualism Affect Divergent Thinking?
  • Conversation Analysis Of Singapore Colloquial English's Particles
  • Is there Stress in Singapore Malay?
  • Code-mixing Varieties in Spoken Malay: A Survey of Language Attitude Among Malay Youths in Singapore
  • Phonetics, Phonolgy, Phonaesthetics, Phonosemantics & Cognition
  • Exploring Mat/Minah Speech
  • Miscommunication is Conversation
  • Sound Change of Cantonese in Singapore

Sample of FYP Reports​ 

FYP Ethics Guidelines Application and Forms