M.A. in Translation and Interpretation


Immersion Programme at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

Students are required to attend a 6-week intensive immersion programme at the Graduate School of Translation and Interpreting (GSTI) of  Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in China. As a major university under the Chinese Ministry of Education, BFSU is among the most established universities and offers the best foreign language programmes in China. BSFU serves as a national centre for teaching and research on foreign languages, foreign literature, finance, law, and international studies. Its Graduate School of Translation and Interpreting is a major training centre for foreign language personnel, especially senior interpreters and translators in China.

With an intensive 240 hours dedicated to addressing the practical aspects of translation and interpretation, the immersion programme at GSTI of BFSU in China provides students with opportunities to advance their translating and interpreting skills in both the English and Chinese languages. Specifically, the courses at GSTI of ​BFSU draw on their established expertise in translating and interpreting for international organisations, government institutions as well as in the contexts of law, finance, and economics to specialise their training contents, which will further benefit our students, especially those who are looking to pursue a career in such sectors.

For more information on BFSU, please visit their website.​​​​​​