M.A. in Translation and Interpretation


Academic Board

Board Mission

  • The Academic Board will provide overall strategic direction and academic plans for the Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MTI) programme.
  • The Board will ensure the effective delivery of quality programmes and the best possible experience to the students.
  • The Board will monitor the overall performance and learning progress of the students registered in the programme to ensure their academic welfare.


Board Members

The MTI Academic Board consists of the following members:
  • Professor Neil Murphy, Chair, School of Humanities, NTU

Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Dr Cui Feng, MTI Programme Deputy Director, NTU
  • Dr Helena Gao, MTI Programme Director, NTU
  • Emeritus Professor Kuo Chen-Yu, Eddie, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU
  • Assistant Professor​ Kuo Szu-Yu, Arista, School of Humanities, NTU
  • Mr Leong Weng Kam, Editorial Consultant; Director, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Board
  • Professor Li Haizhou, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NUS; Area Director (System Analysis & Machine Intelligence), NUS; Bremen Excellence Chair Professor, University of Bremen, Germany; IEEE Fellow; ISCA Fellow
  • Dr Neo Peng Fu, Director, Confucius Institute, NTU​