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Andres Luco (Associate Professor)


Telephone: 6592 7827

Mailing Address
Nanyang Technological University
School of Humanities
14 Nanyang Drive, HSS-03-88
Singapore 637332



My areas of specialization are in moral psychology, meta-ethics, and normative ethics (with a focus on social and political philosophy). In particular, I am interested in the relationship between morality and social norms. I study ways in which social norms are involved in the generation of collectively shared, action-inducing moral judgments. I am also trying to understand how and why social norms can change with the result of producing new and different collectively shared moral judgments. Apart from research having to do with social norms, I work on theories of moral motivation and the question of what reasons we have to act ethically. Finally, I am interested in normative arguments for human rights, which include debates about how human rights principles bear on the well-being of individuals they are meant to protect.

Ph.D., Philosophy, Duke University
B.A. (hons, magna cum laude), Philosophy and Modern Culture & Media, Brown University



Moral Psychology (e.g. moral motivation, social vs. moral norms)
Meta-Ethics (e.g. ethical explanations, realism vs. anti-realism)
Normative Ethics (e.g. practical rationality, theories of well-being)
Social and Political Philosophy (e.g. human rights)

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