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Teru Miyake (Associate Professor)


Telephone: 6513 2248
Email: tmiyake@ntu.edu.sg

Office Hours: Tues and Wed 3pm-4pm

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Nanyang Technological University
School of Humanities
14 Nanyang Drive, HSS-06-05
Singapore 637332



I am currently working on a project on understanding how we acquire knowledge about what I call partially inaccessible systems. A partially inaccessible system is an object that is complicated, where some parts of the object cannot be directly accessed by us. In order to acquire knowledge about the parts of the system that are inaccessible, we have to make inferences based upon assumptions about the relation between the inaccessible parts and the accessible parts of the system. Examples of this kind of problem are planetary astronomy prior to the twentieth century, geophysical investigation of the deep interior of the Earth, and investigation of the functional organization of the human brain using neuroimaging. I am interested in epistemological questions such as how the assumptions that are necessary to make the inferences get justified. I think these epistemological questions are important in themselves, but I am also hoping this will give us more insight into traditional issues in the philosophy of science such as underdetermination.

Ph.D., Philosophy, Stanford University
M.A., Philosophy, Tufts University
B.S., Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology



My main field is philosophy of science. I also have interests in philosophy of physics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of mathematics, history of science, and history of philosophy, particularly historical interactions between science and philosophy.

Primary: Philosophy of Science
Secondary: Philosophy of Physics, Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, History of Science, and History of Philosophy, particularly historical interactions between science and philosophy.