Graduation Project

The Graduation Project (GP) (8AUs) is undertaken during a student’s final year or when the student has fufilled the below requirements. The GP is to be conducted over two consecutive semesters in NTU. Only exceptional cases will be allowed to complete in one semester.
To obtain a Honours (Highest Distinction) or Honours (Distinction), students must complete their final year projects.
Students with CGPA of 3.90 and above must complete the FYP. 
Those with CGPA between 3.75 and 3.89 may opt-in to do the FYP. This is subject to approval by the Division.  
Students with CGPA below 3.75 will not be allowed to conduct the FYP. 
Students who do not do the FYP are to take two 4000-level courses to fulfill the 8AUs requirement.
Students can contact the Programme FYP Co-ordinator, Asst/Prof Preston Greene (PGreene@ntu.edu.sg​), if they have any inquiries about the graduation project.