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Medicines Across Eurasia


Genting Hotel Jurong
2 Town Hall Link, Singapore 608516

  • Changi Airport to Genting Hotel Jurong: approximately 45 minutes by car
  • Genting Hotel Jurong to NTU School of Humanities: approximately 20 minutes by car


School of Humanities
Conference Room, Level 5 (HSS-05-57)
48 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 639818

24 January 2019 | Digital Humanists Day​
​9.00am ​Opening remarks by KK Luke, Associate Dean (Research), NTU CoHASS
​9.20am Opening​ remarks by Michael Stanley-Baker
​9.40am Tea and Coffee​
​10.15am Student Platform for Marking Up Medieval Manuscripts
Katherine Hindley, NTU Singapore
​10.45am WorldMaps and Philology of Things
Andrea Nanetti, NTU Singapore
​11.15am Docusky Presentation
Du Hsieh Chang, National Taiwan University
​11.45am Lunch​
​1.15pm DR-NTU Repository​
Go Su Nee, NTU Singapore
​1.45pm Wordnet and Potential for Historicising Data 
Francis Bond, NTU Singapore​
​2.15pm Perseus Presentation
Thomas Koentges, Leipzig University
2.45pm Drug Synonymy Tables and Search 
William Chong, NTU Singapore 
​3.15pm ​Tea and Coffee
4.00pm Synthetic Discussion​
​6.00pm ​Dinner

25 January 2019 | Primary Sources in Medical History
​9.30am Arabic
Fabian Kas, University of Cologne
​10.00am Arabic
Ayman Atat, ​​TU Braunschweig
​10.30am Tea and Coffee
​11.00am Latin
Monica Green, University of Arizona
​11.30am Hebrew
Carmen Caballero-Navas, University of Granada
​12.00pm Sanskrit
Anthony Cerulli, University of Wisconsin-Madison
​12.30pm Lunch
​1.30pm Chinese
Michael Stanley-Baker, NTU Singapore
2.00pm Greek
Petros Bouras-Vallianatos, King's College London
​2.30pm Synthetic Discussion​
​3.00pm Visit to NTU Community Herb Garden​
​6.30pm Dinner

26 January 2019 | Wo rkshop & Wrap-up
​9.30am Docusky Workshop
​12.30pm Lunch
​1.30pm Keynote (Monica Green)
​2.30pm ​Break
3.30pm ​Wrap-up session (Michael-Stanley-Baker & Petros Bouras-Vallianatos)
​4.00pm End of Medicines Across Eurasia Workshop​
​4.30pm Afternoon Tea