Communication in Healthcare @ NTU (COHEN)



  • "Feedback dialogue in Clinical Communication Practicum: Investigating the relationship of interaction dynamics and medical students' experiences of feedback process": Health Outcome and Medical Education Research (HOMER) Grant (2017).

  • "Quality Healthcare delivery for the Elderly: Consent-Taking in a Cataract Surgery Clinic in Singapore": Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE)/ Strategic Initiatives Seed Funding (2018-2020). Click here​ to access this project's Researchgate Project Page.

  • "Conversational Practices in a Medical Clinic": Ministry of Education Singapore (MoE) Tier 2 Grant (2018-2021). 
  • "​​Health Literacy: The Household as an Unexplored Dimension": Primary Care in Multimorbidity and Mental Health in a Multi-Ethnic population (PRIME) Centre Grant Seed Funding (2019-2020).​
    Update: “Due to COVID-19, the team needed to temporarily stop the recruitment of research participants as a precaution to keep everyone involved safe. During this time, we are continuing to keep in touch with the co-researchers on WhatsApp until the participant recruitment resumes.”

  • ​"The Caregivers Circle-Care C: Towards Resilient Caregiving Using Mobile and Internet Technologies": ​The tote board enabling lives grant (TBELI) (July 2016- June 2020).