Medical Humanities




29 November Podcast | ​Daoists and Doctors
By Michael Stanley-Baker
​9 November Medicine in the Southern Margins of the Qing Empire: Sources, Actors, Knowledge
By Florence Bretelle-Establet
​5 November 'What the Doctor said'
By Giskin Day
​17 August Fantastic microbes and where to find them
By Neerraja Sankaran
16 August Modern Motherhood: Mothers and Doctors over the past 150 years​
By Rima Apple​
​27 April Researching Language and Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Communication Education and Practice
By Robyn Woodward-Kron
25 April The Human Dimension in Medicine and Healthcare
​12 April Health Literacy - Why an interdisciplinary approach is necessary
By Peter Schulz
View a recording of this event here​.
​29 March God's Biologists: Creationism and the Life Sciences in South Korea
By Park Hyung Wook
​9 - 18 March
Sparks! Art Wellness Exhibition
By Michael Tan

This exhibition is a collaborative project between NTU, the Agency for Integrated Care and the National Arts Council that explores art, aging and wellbeing in aged care. The opening was attended by partners from the arts, health and social care sectors and also mentioned in the Committee of Supply debate in parliament on 08 March 2018 on the topic of: Cultivating a Caring and Inclusive Society for All. 

This pilot Nursing Home Artist-In-Residency project is a milestone in the ongoing dialogue and partnership Michael has created with the Agency for Integrated Care and The National Arts Council. The organisers are delighted with the reception of the project amongst the initial group of participating nursing home and intend to extend their exploration in mobilising the arts to enrich the quality of life of seniors and shaping care in society.

20 February
Scaling the Mountain and Ingesting Destiny - The Role of Herbal Lore in Cosmic, Geographic and Local Knowledge Ecologies in Early Imperial China.
By Michael Stanley-Baker

The Wondrous Odour of Decomposition: Forensic Science and the Dynamic Scent of Decay
By Trang Xuan Ta, Australian National University
​31 January ​The Art of Medicine: What is Medical Humanities? 
Chaired by Graham Matthews
​23 January - 2 February Communicate for Good - Find out how communications is the currency for sustainable community building to take place

Communicate for Health brings together nine art projects by various students as part of the English Division's Literaure and Medicine course.