Medical Humanities



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Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary research cluster with active researchers from Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, History, and China Studies. The cluster creates impactful research that is attentive to the traditional concerns of the humanities but also seeks ways to generate and sustain civic engagement. We have three key areas of focus:

Health Communication

Enhancing the capacity of individuals to obtain, process, and understand the basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. Our projects focus on the communication skills of lay persons and medical professionals as well as community engagement and public health.

Narrative Medicine

Pathographies or stories of sickness are personal narratives that describe experiences of illness, treatment, and sometimes death. They offer the opportunity to understand and analyse the impact of socio-cultural factors (age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, etc) on conceptions of health and sickness.

History of Medicine

Shows how societies have changed in their approach to health, sickness and disease from ancient times to the present. Our cluster specialises in the Asian contexts of medicine with research projects on the Silk Road, the spread of medicine in China, and hospitals in South Korea. 

Project List

​Project titles
​Faculty Member
Spaces of Biomedicine in East Asia​ ​Hallam Stevens
Doctoring the Elderly ​Lim Ni Eng & KK Luke
​Crafting Seoul National University: Healthcare, Medical Modernity, and their Techno-Cultural Construction ​Park Hyung Wook
Old Age, New Science
​Park Hyung Wook
Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China
​Fang Xiaoping
Pandemics in Mao's China: Disease and Mobility between the Great Famine and the Cultural Revolution  ​Fang Xiaoping 
Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine ​Michael Stanley-Baker
Doctors, Daoists and Demons: Situating Medicine and Religion in Early Imperial China ​Michael Stanley-Baker
On Parchment or on Bread: Textual Magic in Medieval England
​Katherine Hindley
Death Memoirs: Chronophobia, the Terminal Body, and the Search for Temporal Control
​Michelle Chiang
​Care, Narrativity, and the Nature of Disponsilité ​Melvin Chen
Early Evidence For Travel with Infectious Diseases Along the Silk Road
​Ivy Yeh Hui-Yuan
​Machine Learning for Diabetes Management ​​Ivy Yeh Hui-Yuan
Healing Plants and Their Cultural Meaning: An Intangible Heritage between Linguistics and History of Medicine​​ ​Francesco Perono Cacciafoco 
​Endemic Diseases and Their Perception: Cultural Anthropology of Illnesses in Alor Island  ​Francesco Perono Cacciafoco​
​Medical Artificial Intelligence​ Melvin Chen​