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Research Projects in SoH

MOE AcRF Tier 1

Grant Call Year 2019 (Call 1/2019)
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​S/N ​Project Title ​Principal Investigator
​1 ​The English language, developmental issues, and the revitalization of higher education in Myanmar Benedict Lin
​2 The secret life of consonants and vowels: An articulatory phonetic study examining how voice quality setting impacts segmental articulation Scott Reid Moisik
​3 Digital Database of Medical and Protective Charms from Medieval England
​Katherine Hindley
​4 Home is where our languages live: Singapore and the role of families in maintaining our multilingual advantage Francesco Cavallaro
​5 ​Being of a Mind: A Moral Theory Focusing on Attitudes
Andrew Forcehimes
​6 ​On the Belt and Road: The Psychogeography of Chinese Expansion Barrie Sherwood

Grant Call Year 2018 (Call 2/2018)

​S/N ​Project Title ​Principal Investigator
​1 ​Contemporary Fiction and Art: A Narrative-Interdisciplinary Engagement Neil Murphy
​2 Investigating the pedagogical use of varieties of English in the Singapore classroom ​Luke Lu
​3 From the Second Industrial Revolution to the Fourth: Technological Change and Alternative Temporalities in Singapore and the U.S. Justin Clark
​4 Reasoning from Residuals: A History and Taxonomy of Residual Phenomena ​Teru Miyake
Grant Call Year 2018 (Call 1/2018)

​S/N ​Project Title ​Principal Investigator
​1 ​Mapping Finnegans Wake scholarship: Creating an online research platform linking the full text of Finnegans Wake text to existing analysis ​Richard Barlow
​2 ​Zhang Songjian ​Literary Representations of the Cold War: A Comparative Study of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia ​Zhang Songjian
​3 ​Shenzhen: China on hte Move
​Zhou Taomo
​4 ​Linguistic Justice, Nations and Multilingualism: Rethinking Singapore's Language Policies
​Tan Ying Ying
​5 ​Compromise and Diplomacy in Shakespeare's England: This project establishes feedback loops between local and international diplomacy; it specifically examines how diplomacy developed from political compromise in 16th-century England. ​Wong Yeang Chui
​6 ​Materia Medica in early Imperial China: A Digital Humanities Approach to tracking historical flows of Drug Knowledge ​MIchael Stanley-Baker
​7 ​The status and functions of English as an academic language in Indonesian higher education
Kingsley Bolton
​8 ​What makes a successful word learner? An individual differences approach
Chan Hiu Dan Alice
Grant Call Year 2017 (Call 2/2017)

No Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Transclusions: Alternatives visions of living digitally
Hallam Stevens
2 Gender and the Making of Caste Identities: Dalits in North India and Singapore
Jessica Hinchy
3 English as a Medium of Instruction in Cambodian HIgher Education  Lin Tzer Liang Benedict
Giving voice to the Minoan people: The decipherment of Linear A
Francesco Perono
5 ​Investigating the multilingual worlds of university students in Singapore and South Africa: A comparative study ​Werner Botha

Grant Call Year 2017 (Call 1/2017)


Project Title

Principal Investigator


Here And There: A Global Anthology of Asian Diaspora Poetry

Boey Kim Cheng


When Pots Whisper: Accounts of the Places, the Purchasers, and the Producers of Ceramics in Medieval Myanmar and Singapore

Goh Geok Yian


On anti-Communist films sponsored by the UK and US governments in Southeast Asia during the Cold War period

Hee Wai Siam

​4 ​Silent but all Ears: The critical role of speech perception and input in 6-12 month bilingual infants. ​Ng Bee Chin
​5 ​Shop-houses(Qilou) in Singapore and Southern Fujian: Migration and Material Culture in Republican China ​Ong Soon Keong
​6 ​Elegance beyond Eroticism: Representation of Women in Tang Flowery Poetry ​Qu Jingyi
​7 ​Singapore Comparative Literature Database  (with accompanying workshop and compendium) ​Sim Wai Chew
​8 ​Conversational conflict negotiation in Japanese business communication: Leadership styles and the function of humour. ​Stefanie Stadler
​9 ​Language shift in Singapore’s Indian community ​Ritu Jain
10​ ​Early brain signature to meaning integration during sentence comprehension: An event-related potential study ​Wong Chun Kit, Francis

MOE AcRF Tier 2


Project Title

Principal Investigator

​1 ​Predicting Reading (Dis)Ability: Advancing Early Intervention (Feb 2019 Call) Chan Hiu Dan, Alice
​2 ​SingSpeak: Automating Speech and Humanising Machines (Feb 2019 Call)
Tan Ying Ying


Interactional Studies; Medical Communication; Ageing Society (Aug 2017 Call)

Lim Ni Eng

Ministry of Health

Enabling Innovation Grant under National Innovation Challenge on Active and Confident Ageing.
Awarded: November 2017
No​ ​Project Title Principal Investigator​
​1 ​Audiological rehabilitation for speech perception in noise difficulty
Wong Chun Kit, Francis​