Our researchers


Research Staff

Research Fellows

Dr. Zhang Qun

Office: SHHK-03-01
Tel: 6908 1161
Email: zhang.qun@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Biological anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic anthropology, Paleopathology
Dr. Yvonne Lai
(Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)

Office: SHHK-06-18
Tel: 6592 3036
Email: yvonnelai@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience, Cognitive ageing, Ageing brain, 'Cognitive Scaffolding' in ageing, Experimental psychology, Neuropsychology, Psycholinguistics, Language learning, Bilingualism, Neuroimaging, fMRI
Dr. Lau Fun
(Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)

Office: SHHK-03-35
Email: laufun@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: TBA
Dr. Lee Junwen
(Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)

Office: SHHK-06-19
Tel: TBA
Email: ljunwen@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: The semantics and pragmatics of discourse particles, particularly in Colloquial Singapore English (CSE), and how these particles behave in different speech acts.
Dr. Kadek Ratih Oktarini
(Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)

Office: SHHK-06-18
Tel: 6904 7477
Email: rkadek@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Social Interaction: multi-modality, casual conversation, institutional interaction such as medical (doctor-patient) interaction and other kinds of institutional encounters. Indonesian (Language): colloquial/conversational Indonesian, conversational Indonesian spoken in Bali and social interaction in Indonesian.
Dr. QUEK Wei Liang

Office: SHHK-06-18
Email: weiliang.quek@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: TBA

Research Associate

Seah Cheng Ta

Office: TBA
Email: chengta.seah@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: TBA

Sophia Tan Shen Hui
(Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)

Office: SHHK-06-18
Email: shenhui.tan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Music and Language, Singapore English, Speech Perception and Production, Language Acquisition, Bi/multilingualism, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics

Project Officer/Research Assistant

Diana Lee Yu Hong
Email: diana.leeyh@ntu.edu.​​sg

Nadia Alang
Email: nadia.alang@ntu.edu.sg

Jin Yu Sim
Email: Jinyu.sim@ntu.edu.sg
Siti Aisyah Binte Jamil (PT)
Email: siti.aisya​h@@n​tu.edu.sg


Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Cecilia Zhao Lingxin
Email: ceciliazhao@ntu.edu.sg

Toh ​​Xin Ru
Email: xinru.toh@ntu.edu.sg

Wendy Toh Hwee Bin (PT)
​Email: wendy.toh@ntu.edu.sg

Philosophy​ ​Haroun Chahed
Email: haroun.chahed@ntu.edu.sg
​Language and Communication Centre
Charlotte Choo
Email: charlotte.choo@ntu.edu.sg

Centre for ​Chinese Language & Culture
Mak Han Feng
Email: hanfeng.mak@ntu.edu.sg

Zeng Yajun
Email: yajun.zeng@ntu.edu.sg